Your source for land surveying software based on the latest IntelliCAD® and Autodesk® technology.

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  1. Annual Maintenance Subscription (AMS)

    Purchase this product for a 1 year subscription/renewal on your existing MicroSurvey product. With a current MicroSurvey maintenance subscription, you can be confident that your investment in MicroSurvey solutions will be efficiently managed, enabling you to focus your organization’s time and resources to improving your business. Learn More
    Starting at $95.00

  2. Network License

    By purchasing a network license with your MicroSurvey software, you will be able to utilize that license across multiple workstations on the network. Learn More
    Starting at $500.00

  3. USB Key (for Desktop Products)

    MicroSurvey desktop products require a USB key, activated with License Manager, in order to operate (except for instances were a Network License is purchased, and the desktop product licensing is managed through a network license server). One USB key is included, free, with the purchase of any desktop software product. Shipping charges apply. This item may be purchased on its own as a replacement key (for lost or stolen keys). Learn More
    Starting at $50.00


3 Item(s)

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