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Data Collectors

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  1. Juniper Systems Archer 2 Rugged Handheld Data Collector

    The latest generation handheld incorporates several new technological advancements. Sporting a custom 4.3 inch Illumiview™ high-visibility display, the Archer 2’s screen brightness has been well received by reviewers. Its battery features a unique technology inspired by the technology used in hybrid car batteries to prevent excessive battery drainage in low temperatures. Referred to as Overtime Technology™, this Archer 2 super battery will last 20 hours and up on one charge.

    The new device is the first Juniper Systems handheld to feature a capacitive touchscreen for improved response and ruggedness. The Archer 2 also includes a glove-friendly numeric keypad for rapid data entry, a feature which many Juniper Systems customers highly value. Like other Juniper Systems handhelds, the Archer 2 is built to very strict standards at its ISO 9001:2008-certified facility, having been tested to MIL-STD-810G and given a top IP68 rating for dust and water.

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    Starting at $1,650.00

    ID: CFG-JS-AR2
  2. MicroSurvey DC6

    Features & Value: Taken to the Next Level

    THE DC6: A reliable and feature-packed data collector, at an astounding price. The DC6 picks up where the DC5 left off; adding a faster processor, a 9-pin serial port, and more storage space.

    DELIVER MORE WITH LESS: The DC6 strikes an unprecedented value when it comes to a rugged handheld data collector. This feature-packed device is a simple yet powerful solution to your biggest field data challenges. Learn More
    Starting at $1,295.00

    ID: HW-DC6

2 Item(s)

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