Your source for land surveying software based on the latest IntelliCAD® and Autodesk® technology.

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Company Info

Company Info

MicroSurvey Software Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets a family of specialized computer software for land durveyors, civil engineers, seismic surveyors, mapping professionals, police officers, and accident reconstruction specialists.

Since its first software sale in 1985, and our incorporation in 1986 as MicroSurvey Marketing International Inc., MicroSurvey has expanded its market presence and today supplies software solutions around the world.

MicroSurvey offers one of the most comprehensive survey design and mapping product lines in the industry and is leading the software development for forensic evidence collection and diagramming. The staff values and listens to its customers, and MicroSurvey supports what it builds. MicroSurvey’s technical support has been ranked number one by industry professionals* and its customer service is world class.

In recent years, MicroSurvey has been approached by many surveying optical and GPS manufacturers for software solutions and device support. We now produce a variety of OEM products for some of the largest survey equipment manufacturers in the world.

In 2012 MicroSurvey was purchased by Hexagon of Sweden. Hexagon has over 12,500 employees in more than 40 countries and net sales of about 2,200 Million Euros. Their products are used in a broad range of industries including surveying, power and energy, aerospace and defense, safety and security, construction, and manufacturing.

World Corporate Headquarters:

Head Office, West Kelowna, BC

Okanagan Valley, where MicroSurvey Staff live and play

Contact Us

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Intl./Direct: (250) 707-0000
(250) 707- 0150

MicroSurvey Software Inc.
#205-3500 Carrington Road
West Kelowna, BC, Canada V4T 3C1

Our Mission Statement

The MicroSurvey Mission defines the way we do business and how we serve our customers. In 1985, we set out on a mission to create solutions that would offer our industry innovative technology and exceptional value.

The way we perceive and react to the ever-changing worldwide business climate continues the MicroSurvey tradition of innovation and value.

We engineer technology that is designed to work the way people think. We empower people – not machines.

Our solutions for surveying, construction, engineering and accident reconstruction are inspired by our uncompromising standards for Integrity, Quality, Leading-edge technology, Support, and Value.