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Landing - Construction Solutions

MicroSurvey Construction Layout Solutions

Lay out electrical, piping, plumbing, forms, and measurements.
Prepare, plan, and lay out your construction projects.
Used together or separately, find out more information below:
For construction layout and MEP contractors. "Point Prep" (desktop software) will help you prepare all of the field data you’ll need on a job site before leaving the office. "Layout" (field software) gives you all the tools you need to lay out your points accurately and easily. Also included is an as-built mode that allows you measure existing points on a job or pick up points needed for earthwork quantities.
Contractor-friendly, easy plan entry, easy setup, easy layout, offsets and point patterns, as-built and topographic tools, surface layout, road alignment layout, easy calculations, coordinate AutoCAD drawings, drawing prep tools, volume calculations – everything you need to get the job done. No more, no less.
Field software for your data collector to assist with layout:

Desktop software for construction layout and point preparation: