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MicroSurvey STAR*NET

Survey network adjustment program. An easy-to-use Windows package that adjusts 1D/2D/3D survey networks using rigorous Least Squares techniques. It handles networks containing conventional, level, and GPS observations with up to 10,000 adjustable stations.

MicroSurvey CAD

Powered by IntelliCAD®, Field to finish has never been this easy. Available in 4 different levels, MicroSurvey CAD is the design solution engineered especially for Surveyors. Premium includes COGO, DTM, and DESIGN functions. Ultimate includes everything plus point cloud processing.

MicroSurvey inCAD

Transform AutoCAD® into a survey and design solution. If your office is using AutoCAD, MicroSurvey offers the inCAD plug-in to bring the full features of MicroSurvey CAD to AutoCAD.

MicroSurvey embeddedCAD

Powered with Autodesk Technology, embeddedCAD is an incredibly powerful CAD application that has our survey tools embedded within; COGO, DTM and design functions built specifically for land surveyors, civil engineers and contractors.

MicroSurvey Point Prep

A simple to use desktop based product designed specifically for the construction layout professional. Point Prep is used to open and save DWG and DXF files and allows you to quickly review, calculate and extract points from a drawing for layout in the field.

MicroSurvey Layout

A simple to use graphical field product designed specifically for the construction layout professional. Used on its own, or in conjunction with Point Prep, MicroSurvey Layout gives you all the tools you need to layout your points and lines accurately and easily.

MicroSurvey FieldGenius

FieldGenius® has evolved into the most powerful and productive data collector in the land surveying market. Code-free linework, smart points and live graphics make FieldGenius the choice of organizations that value productivity.

MicroSurvey Data Exchange (MSDX)

MSDX is based on the core functionality of MicroSurvey CAD Basic (drafting, COGO, traverse, and other survey calculations removed). Check out MicroSurvey CAD if you would like to learn more about unlocking the full potential of the industry's best survey mapping & drafting software. You can even download a free demo!


The desktop version of our Pocket PC RPN calculator - the only RPN-based calculator specifically built for the land surveying and civil engineering markets. Install for free onto a desktop or tablet computer.