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Software & Modules:   (What are these for?)
We have provided two typical configurations for the Layout software. The basic Layout package includes all of the core functionality of our field software, but also comes with the total station and advanced module functionality. Layout Pro adds on the robotic module and the GNSS/GPS module. To either of these packages you can add the MEP module, which contains additional features to control a 3D laser distance meter within MEP/BIM functions.
Layout (core software + total station module + advanced module) $1,495
Layout Pro (core software + all modules except MEP module) $2,795
+ MEP module $1,000$1,050
Data Collector Bundles:   (What are bundle discounts?)
An instant discount is applied to hardware that is purchased with field software. You must use the Build-a-Bundle configuration tool in order to have the discount applied. The table below shows the regular retail price (crossed out) along with the bundle price of the hardware when the Build-a-Bundle configuration tool is used.

Click the hardware name to be taken to its product page, or click the "Quick Specs" link to see a brief summary of its specifications.

Build a Bundle Hardware/Options/Specs Regular Price Bundle Price
(Quick Specs)MicroSurvey DC4
Options: Green, Yellow

Built-In GPS, 3-Megapixel Camera, 624MHz CPU, VGA 640x480 Screen, 256MB RAM/Storage (Up to 8GB), WiFi, Bluetooth, Microphone & Speaker, USB, Charger, 3000mAh Battery, Windows Mobile 6.5. Note: DC4 does not have a 9-pin serial connector. Bluetooth connections only.

$995$1045 $500$525
(Quick Specs)Nautiz X7 by Handheld
Options: GSM Modem (+$400$420)

Built-In GPS, 3-Megapixel Camera, Compass, 806MHz CPU, VGA 640x480 Screen, 128MB RAM/4GB Storage, Altimeter, WiFi, Bluetooth, Microphone & Speaker, USB & 9-Pin Serial, Charger, 5200mAh Battery, Windows Mobile 6.1, GPS support for locating with built-in GPS receiver.

$1,495$1,570 $1,295$1,360
(Quick Specs)Algiz X7 by Handheld
Options: GSM Modem (+$250$260)

Built-in GPS, 2-Megapixel Camera, 1.6GHz CPU, VGA 1024x600 Screen, 2GB RAM, 64GB SSD Storage, WiFi, Bluetooth, Microphone & Speaker, 2x USB, 9-Pin Serial, LAN, Charger, Dual 2600mAh Battery Packs, Windows 7 Ultimate.

$2,695$2,830 $2,395$2,515
(Quick Specs)Archer by Juniper Systems

520MHz CPU, VGA 320x240 Screen, 512MB RAM/Storage, WiFi, USB & 9-Pin Serial, Charger, Li-Ion Battery, Windows Mobile 5.0.

$1,605$1,685 $1,405$1,475
(Quick Specs)Archer2 by Juniper Systems
Options: GPS/Camera (+$345$360) or GPS/Camera/GSM (+$800$840)

1.0GHz ARM Cortex A8 i.MX53 processor, WVGA LCD TFT (800x480), 512MB RAM/Storage, WiFi, USB host (Full A), USB client (Micro B) , Charger, Li-Ion Battery, Microsoft® Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3

$1,650$1,735 $1,400$1,470
(Quick Specs)Allegro MX by Juniper Systems
Options: GSM Modem (+$500$525)

624MHz CPU, VGA 320x240 Screen, 128MB RAM/Storage, USB & 9-Pin Serial, Charger, 4000mAh NiMH Battery, Windows Mobile 6.1.

$2,875$3,020 $2,525$2,650
(Quick Specs)Mesa Rugged Notepad by Juniper Systems

Built-in GPS, 3.2-Megapixel Camera, 806MHz CPU, VGA 640x480 screen, 256MB RAM/4Gigabytes storage, WiFi, Bluetooth, Microphone & Speaker Jacks, USB & 9 pin Serial, Charger, 2550mAh battery, Windows Mobile 6.5.

$3,495$3,670 $3,195$3,355
(Quick Specs)3D Disto by Leica Geosystems

xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx

$8,995$9,445 $8,000$8.440
Subscription Services:   (Why extend your subscription?)
Subscribe to get free updates & upgrades. Keeping your subscription up to date is cheaper in the long run than waiting to upgrade versions every few years. It is also easier to budget/plan.
  Without MEP With MEP
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Training & Material:
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