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Conversion Utilities

MicroSurvey STAR*NET Data Conversion Utilities

STAR*NET includes several conversion utilities designed for converting raw data from various data collection packages into STAR*NET data format.

Notes: A separate license is required to run each of the conversion utilities. Currently there is no demo mode for conversion utilities.

Conversion Utility: Supported Application:
STAR*Carlson Carlson SurvCE data collection software (*.rw5)
STAR*CG C&G Software data collector files (*.cgr;*.raw)
STAR*DiNi Trimble/Zeiss DiNi digital level files (*.raw)
STAR*DNA Leica DNA/NA2000/NA3000 digital level files (*.gsi;*.raw)
STAR*FieldGenius MicroSurvey FieldGenius data collection software (*.raw)
STAR*GEO Geodimeter native data collector field files (*.geo;*.job;*.obs)
STAR*JobXML Trimble conventional and/or GPS data from JobXML (*.jxl) data files
STAR*Leica DBX Leica DBX (Leica System 1200, GPS 900, and newer)
STAR*SDR Sokkia SDR20/SDR33 (*.sdr;*.raw)
STAR*SMI SMI (*.raw)
STAR*TDS TDS (Tripod Data Systems) Survey Pro data collector files (*.raw;*.rw5)
STAR*TDS-Lev TDS (Tripod Data Systems) Survey Pro leveling data collector files (*.raw;*.rw5)
STAR*TopDL Topcon DL Level series raw field files (*.lev)
STAR*TSC Trimble TSC1/TSCe Survey Controller data collector files (*.dc;*.raw)

STAR*NET Pro can also directly import any of the following GPS formats:

Format: Creates STAR*NET data from:
Ashtech Ashtech vector file (O*.*)
Blue Book Gfile NGS Blue Book Gfile (*.ngs)
Geo Genius Spectra Precision Geo Genius baseline processor (Geolab.txt)
Leica Leica Ski-Pro, Leica Geomatics Office (*.asc)
MicroSurvey FieldGenius MicroSurvey FieldGenius (*.raw) New in STAR*NET 7.0
NovAtel NovAtel GPS baseline processor (*.iob)
NGS OPUS Report NGS OPUS static or rapid-static reports (*.txt) New in STAR*NET 7.0
Sokkia Sokkia GPS baseline processor (*.sgl)
TDS Survey Pro TDS Survey Pro GPS (*.raw;*.rw5)
Topcon Tools TVF Topcon TVF format (*.tvf)
Topcon Turf Topcon old TURF format (*.ts?)
Trimble Data Exchange Trimble Geo Office, Trimble Business Center (*.asc)
Trimble GPSurvey Trimble GPSurvey baseline processor (*.ssf, *.ssk)
Trimble JobXML Trimble JobXML (*.jxl) New in STAR*NET 7.1
Trimble TSC Trimble TSC1/TSCe/TSC2 data collector (*.dc)
Waypoint Waypoint baseline processor (*.exp)

Additionally, some hardware manufacturers have created their own conversion utilities for converting data into STAR*NET .DAT format, including:

Of course, many desktop applications also have a command to export data in STAR*NET .DAT format, including:

  • MicroSurvey CAD (MsTraverse | StarNet Interface)
  • MicroSurvey inCAD (MsTraverse | StarNet Interface)
  • MicroSurvey embeddedCAD (MsTraverse | StarNet Interface)
  • PointCloud CAD (MsTraverse | StarNet Interface)
  • Carlson Survey (CGTrav | Create Star*Net File)
  • Trimble Geo Office
  • And many, many others – check with your software manufacturer for details!

Please leave a comment to let us know if there are any others we can add to this list!

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