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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Top Questions About STAR*NET

Why did MicroSurvey acquire the STAR*NET system?1

Many MicroSurvey customers own STAR*NET, and they have told us over the years what a great package it is to use. Two ex-MicroSurvey product managers who went on to own their own surveying companies have also told us it is a great package. It seemed like a logical addition to our software programs.

What are the plans for STAR*NET in the future?2

The program has been a success because it already does such a good job of performing logically and simply for its customers. MicroSurvey will find out from its customers what features they would like to see added – plus we will investigate changes in the program where we have a good deal of expertise.

Is this product stand alone or do I need other software to run STAR*NET?3

MicroSurvey STAR*NET will continue to be sold as a standalone product. All of the converters that were marketed to import files from Carlson, TDS, Trimble, Leica, Topcon, Zeiss and more will continue to be improved for the product.

What about my existing copies of STAR*NET?4

The final version distributed by Starplus Software, Inc. was version 6.0.36. We have the 6.0.38 source code, and we released the program initially under 6.0.39. This version has minor changes to the copyright notice and it supports our USB key. Our protection system is very flexible, as the same key can be used to hold multiple licenses of STAR*NET in various versions. These can be used across your network for a small additional fee.

When will the next major release of STAR*NET appear?5

Version 7.0 was released in July 2011. STAR*NET V7.2.2 was released in December, 2012 and is fully compatible with Windows 7. Releases of new versions partially depend on the wishes of the STAR*NET customers.

How do I get technical support?6

MicroSurvey has an extensive help desk, and makes movies that explain how to use the software. MicroSurvey bundles technical support with version upgrades in the form of annual maintenance. The revenue from this is used to write software improvements.

How long does it take to learn STAR*NET?7

STAR*NET includes a detailed manual that explains all the program inputs. There are extensive example files and several tutorials. The program includes online help that is linked from the dialogs containing the program settings.

How much does all this cost?8

STAR*NET is available in 4 different editions starting with basic differential leveling (Lev, $495); standard total station measurements (Std, $795); total station plus leveling (Plus, $995); and total station with GPS measurements (Pro, $1,595). The Pro edition allows you to mix conventional total station measurements with GPS measurements in one adjustment.

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For a list of top features, upgrade information, and other product details, please visit the STAR*NET product page.