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  Lev Standard Plus Pro
STAR*NET V7 $495$520 $795$835 $995$1045 $1,595$1,675
All upgrades include an annual maintenance subscription.
Lev Standard Plus Pro
Upgrade from:
$175$185 $235$245
Crossgrades:   (What are these?)
Crossgrades allow for upgrades between software packages (e.g., crossgrade Premium to Ultimate) or, in some instances, changing to a different product alltogether.

We are able to accommodate almost any combination of crossgrade & version update – just let us know what you need.

For version updates (e.g., "2010" to "2013", please see the Upgrades section above. Note that if you need both a version upgrade AND a crossgrade, you will need to purchase both.
Crossgrades do not include or extend an annual maintenance subscription. Crossgrade to: STAR*NET V7
Standard Plus Pro
Crossgrade from:
Crossgrade from:
STAR*NET Standard
Crossgrade from:
Subscription Services:   (Why extend your subscription?)
Subscribe to get free updates & upgrades. Keeping your subscription up to date is cheaper in the long run than waiting to upgrade versions every few years. It is also easier to budget/plan.
Lev Standard Plus Pro
Maintenance Subscription
(1 Year)
$95$100 $145$150
Maintenance Subscription
(90 Days)
FREE – Updates & Upgrades for 90 Days
Conversion Utilities:
STAR*Carlson $195$205
STAR*Leica DBX $195$205
STAR*CG $195$205
STAR*SDR $195$205
STAR*DiNi $195$205
STAR*SMI $195$205
STAR*DNA $195$205
STAR*TDS $195$205
STAR*FieldGenius $195$205
STAR*TDS-Lev $195$205
STAR*GEO $195$205
STAR*TopDL $195$205
STAR*JobXML $195$205
STAR*TSC $195$205
Training & Material:
Getting Started Guide
(Help Docs)
FREE – 200 pages of built-in help guides
Training Movies
(Web Delivered)
FREE – Hundreds of topics, 11 hours total
(Web Access)
FREE – Thousands of articles and guides
User Forum/Community
(Web Access)
FREE – Pose questions to a community of users
Certified Training
(Instructor Led)

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