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Technical Sales - Surveying Software

Technical Sales – Surveying Software

General Description: Reporting to the President, Technical Sales
Representatives are required to respond to telephone, email and faxed sales leads, prospect for
new sales leads, provide prospective customers with assistance in learning and running
MicroSurvey software programs, show customers how programs address their specific
applications, close sales, provide regular sales reports and forecasts, and perform other duties as
required from time to time.

Technical Sales Representatives are required to attend several
industry-related trade shows to demonstrate and sell MicroSurvey’s software programs. Also
required is after-sales customer follow-up and a communication of genuine care for the customers’
needs and requirements.

Technical and Academic Qualifications: Technical Sales Representatives require a Survey or
Civil Engineering certificate from a technical college or university. Several years of field experience
in surveying and survey/CAD software is also a requirement. Ideally, the Technical Sales
Representative should also have sales experience and be fully familiar with sales processes and
concepts. Formal sales training is also an asset, and Technical Sales Representatives must be
highly computer literate. Strong communication skills and a desire to learn and achieve are also
required. Technical Sales Representatives must be highly motivated and have good organizational skills.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responding to sales leads: As sales leads are received by telephone, email, fax, letter, or
    from trade shows, the Technical Sales Representative is responsible for gathering and
    recording relevant prospect information, determining the prospect’s requirements, demonstrating software and explaining benefits to the prospect, and closing sales.
  • Prospecting: Technical Sales Representatives are required to make cold calls to prospective customers sourced from MicroSurvey's database, survey, engineerin, and construction databases and from internet sources, as necessary to create additional sales
    leads, from time to time.
  • Demonstrating software programs: Technical Sales Representatives are required to
    demonstrate the functions provided by our software products, so that prospective customers
    can become familiar with the programs and understand how they will benefit from purchasing and using MicroSurvey software programs. Demonstrations can be done at trade shows or over the phone, so both these skills are necessary.
  • Closing sales: Technical Sales Representatives must be able to understand and apply the sales techniques required to close sales of MicroSurvey software products.
  • Follow-up: Once a sale is completed, the Technical Sales Representative must follow up with customers on a regular basis and ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchases. Lost sales must also be followed up and information on the reasons for lost sales must be entered in the appropriate database.
  • Trade shows: Technical Sales Representatives are required to attend industry conventions or
    trade shows on a regular basis. They must be proficient in demonstrating MicroSurvey
    programs effectively and promoting and creating interest in MicroSurvey’s products.
    Conducting product seminars is also required from time to time.
  • Reports: Technical Sales Representatives are required to provide weekly Sales Forecasts /
    Prospect Reports. They are also required to record useful prospect/customer information in
    MicroSurvey’s customer database.
  • Sales meetings: Participation in weekly Sales Meetings, to exchange information with other sales representatives, provide new ideas for sales promotions, discuss successful sales strategies and ideas, and improve knowledge of the company, customers and products is
    required. Technical Sales Representatives are expected to contribute to these discussions, as well as attending the meetings.
  • Communication: Technical Sales Representatives must be proficient in several forms of
    communication and utilize these to promote software products, assist customers, and interact
    with other company members. In addition to strong listening and verbal skills, the Technical Sales Representative must be able to communicate effectively through email, business letters and faxes.
  • Learning and upgrading: Technical Sales is a rapidly changing, evolving field. Representatives are required to constantly ensure that their selling, communication, and
    technical skills are kept current and improved.
  • Training: Technical Sales Representatives are expected to assist in the process of training new MicroSurvey Technical Sales Representatives.
  • Other duties as required: MicroSurvey fosters a team environment. From time to time, it will be necessary to assist other MicroSurvey employees in meeting deadlines or ensure that a customer receives technical information. Technical Sales Representatives are required to
    assist each other while attending trade shows or if someone is away for any reason.

Technical Sales Representatives must be willing to assist with other responsibilities, not outlined in this document, when the need arises.

MicroSurvey is always on the lookout for qualified people who are looking for a unique and satisfying work environment. If you are interested in joining our firm, please contact Darcy Detlor, President/CEO of MicroSurvey.