Your source for land surveying software based on the latest IntelliCAD® and Autodesk® technology.

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Free Utilities

Free Utilities

Main Features:

  • SyncWizard – Import FieldGenius, EVR, Seismic projects
  • Export – Export FieldGenius, EVR, Seismic projects
  • Direct connection to MsTransfer
  • Active Coordinate Editor
  • Active Traverse Editor
  • Feature File Support
  • Listen to Voice Notes
  • View Photo Notes
  • Fix errors in the traverse file and reprocess the file
  • Full AutoMAP capabilities
  • Geodetic tools
  • Save As DWG
  • Save As DXF
  • Coordinate drawings for stakeout and upload to FieldGenius
  • Cut Sheet viewer
  • ASCII Import/Export

SurveyCalc has RPN functionality similar to the popular HP calculators. With its easy unit conversion for linear distance or angle conversions and its simple interface, SurveyCalc is the perfect addition to your desktop.

System Requirements
MicroSurvey Calculator is designed for use with Windows 98, Windows ME, Window NT (4.0SP5+), Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.