Your source for land surveying software based on the latest IntelliCAD® and Autodesk® technology.

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30 years of developing complete software solutions for surveying and mapping.

Land surveyors, construction professionals, and civil engineers using total stations, GPS, and data collectors use our desktop and handheld software to increase efficiency and productivity.

Our Products:

MicroSurvey® CAD – built on top of the IntelliCAD engine. You get a complete Desktop Survey and Design program created for Surveyors, Contractors, and Engineers. No plug-ins or modules are necessary. Complete Survey Drafting, COGO, DTM, Traversing, Volumes, Contouring and Data Collection interfacing are included. With MicroSurvey CAD and you get unbeatable functionality at a lower price.

MicroSurvey CAD (Ultimate and Studio editions) let you work with point cloud and LiDAR datasets with ease! It includes the same rendering engine that is used in products like 3DStudio, Solidworks, Pro Engineer, and Microstation. With the added features, such as ability to automatically extract and draw road lines, you will find working with point cloud data can greatly increase your efficiency.

MicroSurvey® inCAD – uses the same tools and functions as MicroSurvey CAD, but runs as a plug-in for AutoCAD®.

MicroSurvey embeddedCAD™ combines all of the surveying functionality of MicroSurvey CAD with the global standard in CAD: an engine Powered by Autodesk Technology™. All included in a single competitive package for land surveyors.

MicroSurvey FieldGenius® is the most powerful graphics-based surveying data collection software available. FieldGenius allows you to do more in less time by taking advantage of the more powerful processors, high-definition displays, and larger memory in modern Windows Mobile-powered data collectors and Windows 7/8 tablets.

MicroSurvey STAR*NET is the most widely used and respected least squares adjustment package. Available in 4 different editions with varying feature levels, and with numerous data converters, it is the easiest least squares with the most understandable results.


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